Admin Edit: This faggot has 24hrs to make another exposure showing his face or hes vanished from the site.

I enjoy secretly raiding and wearing women's pretty clothing and sexy heels. I have one female friend whom I have secretly raided and pranced around in her sexy girl clothes and cute, feminine footwear! I love the rush of knowing she could come back to her house and catch me fully dressed in her clothes and mincing around like a fairy princess! This thought always excites me and causes my little clit cock to harden and grow, not that it gets much bigger. I always wanted her to catch me and take me out dressed up in her female clothes and a pair of open toed heels, to show off my cute pink sissy pedicure she'd give me before heading out to shake our girly asses at some gay bars! In my fantasy, she does take me out to gay bars to dance with and pick up gay guys to take home and fuck me! She would take pictures and maybe film me dancing and kissing some hot gay men at the bars. In this fantasy, a man or two would lift my dress up and grind their hard cocks against my little panty bulge for everyone to see. Once my excited little clitty cock is hard, he would turn me around and grind his big dick agaisnt my exposed sissy ass and dry hump me while caressing my sissy tits and kissing my neck! My friend photographs this and makes another little exposure film. Once we leave the bar and vk back to her house,  my new gay boyfriend would make me his sissy bitch and fuck me silly while I am still semi crossdressed, while my female friend films me once again and teases me telling me how she is going to post our hot, gay fuck session and our steamy, queer bump and grind at the gay bar

online for everyone to see what a cock loving sissy I truly am!! Mmmmmmmm….the humiliation….. 🙂

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