Sissy Andrea: 108 days in chastity belt and counting

108 days into my lock up in the neosteel chastity belt and things are certainly taking shape. Master has succeeded in making me a lot more submissive and reliant on him since he swapped me into a full metal chastity belt.


The humiliation is now cranking up too as videos of me being used by him and hi mate have now been put on YouTube for the world to see. Master has also increased the humiliating chastity spotchecks as both he and anyone that can get me to get on cam to show my belt whenever I am logged in. It is not funny being laughed at by subs and fags in that way!

On top of him adding a widget to the blog to allow people to add days to my lock up via a monthly subscription he has also put me up for sale!

Read the blog and add days to my chastity:


So far this week I have been dressed in panties and corset and also diaper and sissy dress for his amusement which turned me on alot but has made me really crave a wank.

The final humiliation is having to upload pics to my blog of anything humiliating that turns up from this:


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  1. MasterAshton Admin March 14, 2016
    • Andrew Franchitti March 16, 2016
  2. fagme24 March 14, 2016
  3. Andrew Franchitti March 14, 2016

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