Since I last blogged on my release date has moved a lot further away from my than I expected. As of this writing my current chastity release date is 25th Oct 2017. MASTER seems to find this extremely funny so he must be happy that it keeps getting further away from me.


I have now uploaded last week's ordered sissy walk that I had to do down my street on to youtube for you all to have a good laugh at:

It was scary to do but at the same time it was funny. I feel sorry for the people who drove passed me seeing me in my nappy, tights, dress and bonnet. It must have a been a shock to them and can't even begin to imagine the conversations they had when they got home. How do you try and explain that you saw a nappy wearing sissy walking the streets haha! Even I cannot think how someone would exlpain that.

I have been extra horny this week and have had another wet dream urgh! It's not fun to wake up knowing you have cum but had no relief etc.. It's a horrible experience to go through so home you all don't have to.

MASTERSIRBOSS has set some tasks this week too. First of all there is a vote running on twitter. it basically say that it people people buy me diapers, wig, heels, from my amazon wishlist do my twitter followers think I should have to do a  sissy walk at my local retail park. The results so far are:

The other task is that I have to find a local shop to go into dress as a sissy to buy 10 cigs and a lollipop. This one does make me very nervous. Both sissy walks are to be filmed so I have proof of doing them.

Remember you can now use the widget on the blog to buy a monthly payment plan to add a set amount of days to my chastity sentence every month. All days bought increase my suffering but more importantly all money goes to MASTER so you will keep a smile on his face. Him earning whilst increasing my chastity lock up makes MASTER a very happy straight man so get started so he can make me suffer. I am begging you! Every £1 adds a day to my chastity.

Switch Master who is originally from Scotland but now residing in North West England. I dominate those lower than me but I also submit to the will of MasterSirBoss who has me locked up in a neosteel chatity belt. The belt will not be coming off anytime soon as every £1 donated using the widget on the blog adds a day to my chastity.

Locked in Chastity Since 18th Dec 2014
Locked in Neosteel Chastity Belt by MasterSirBoss since 24th Nov 2015
Current Chastity Release Date: 25th October 2017

Like slaves into exposure and also on the hunt for wishlist subs also I dom others and do it on behalf of my own master MasterSirBoss. I like to serve him alone but I am mainly dom and looking to expand my dominant side.

I am very much into humiliating rubber and scally subs and love to take my belt to them at any opportunity to ensure they know I am better than them.

On the sub side of things, MasterSirBoss openly encourages the public humiliation of myself and likes to see me transformed into a sissy, AB and gimp for his amusement. Subs are opemly encouraged to visit my wishlists and send me something humiliating that I have to model on camera and upload to the side and my blog.






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