It all started with wearing female panties under my male clothes, completely unaware it  would lead to this.

Next came stockings and before long i have a complete outfit and im fully dressed in the privacy of my own home.  Once the wig and makeup comes along i get the confidence to start posting pics online and then it becomes to late.


After the chastity cage arrrives i suddenly realise im not a crossdresser anymore but a sissy with a need for humiliation and abuse.

Now the risk of exposure has becomes a turn on for me i know im fucked. I may try to leave from time to time but know i will always return, when you become a DUMB SISSY FAG there is no escape.

Feel free to download spread and expose my pics for your pleasure, PM me for more if you want and add to my humiliation by letting me and everyone know where you post them.


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