Exposure that is addictive… especially for all sissy faggot losers like we are here all:)

It so excited being exposed…so scared it same time…

yes i’m faggot on exposedfaggots.com from few years…

official faggot


i’ve beed coersed online by domme women how gay i really am…love that movies btw:)

started with joi,cei movies…when hot girls humiliate watchers…

so many times i had watch that movies being verbally degraded and humiliated… makes me feel so aroused and jerk off to it emagine that she talk to me… using all that trigged humiliated words”faggot,loser,homo,fag,sissy,pansy,fairy,pathetic,etc”.

From few moths or year i was exposed as sissy faggot on bdsmlr…so excited….but from few moth enoy how one bdsmlr bloger has exposedme as gay….

comapred my males and sissy pics….

he encourage me how realy gay i am


i become his gay lover….He have wife which love to laugh at us and ours fun….omg it get me so arroused when he talk me about it….

now i love how he expose me there….


can’t wait every night to see his new posts of me as gay…

i live in Poland and he live in U.S

it 6 hours different time between us … i seat every night (1am polish time=6pm u.stime)waiting for him in front of my laptop ,when he is not online i feel so sad and missing for him…

i think it best and so gay thing i even could emagine…


we often play game(when he is online) gay lovers


every time i send him my pics make me incedible arroused… especially like this one…

we can say he owns me,conrol my urges….i just lost control over him…

i am his gay,i love to be his gay loverpathetic gay sissy faggot loser,omg….



i think i’m really gay,but still not true gay in real world… to stay safe…

left comment what you think…


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6 months ago

I don’t think your just gay – i think your a pathetic faggot who NEEDS a real cock to tell you what to do, what to think and how to act!

7 months ago

You are beautiful babe

Xavier Desmadryl
8 months ago

Very nice and sexy doris. You always know how to make my cock rockhard

8 months ago

I love it <3

Sissy Steven Gold
8 months ago

Doris no one is going to question your sexuality with those pics

8 months ago

This is proboble the bigest sissy whore on all web! I like you Doris ! you can suck my cock 3 times a day. I know you want it ! than maybe i expose you more …

Sissy Marcy Lane
8 months ago


Xavier Desmadryl
8 months ago

Doris you sexy devil. I love it

8 months ago

Great exposure Doris love it

Jenna Fab
8 months ago

Love how Proud you are to be exposed Faggot

Daddy Steve
8 months ago

You’re a gay fag loser

8 months ago

Very nice exposed with talking screen! I like it!!!

Sissy KiwiNatalie
8 months ago

OMG Doris you are such a gay faggot

8 months ago

Great exposure Doris. How long before Google finds it I wonder?

Barbara Tranny
8 months ago

this is so humiliating. I love this

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