Sissy Natalie Needs to Serve a Real Man


Hey All!

My name is Sissy Natalie.   I’ve been a sissy my whole life; and as many times as I try to run from it, the truth of who I am eventually bubbles back to the surface.  I need a dominant man to take and control me for his pleasure and amusement.  I cannot deny any longer that my purpose in life is the service real men.  I crave their hard, thick cocks and warm, sticky cum more than anything.  My sissy slut brain never stops fantasizing about being overwhelmed by strong, alpha men with big, eager cocks who simply want to use and degrade me.  I love crawling up in between man’s legs and stuffing my face into his beautiful cock, the extension of his power over me. I crave to fulfill every desire or fantasy of strong alpha males.  I get so much joy from pleasing men; my body thirsts for it.  I dream of draining their huge balls of all that precious cum. It doesn’t matter how I get it: on my face, down my throat, or inside my sissy pussy.  That hot, delicious seed is my ultimate reward.  It is my prize for a job well done.  When I feel that salty, sticky jizz on or in my body, everything is right in the world.  I truly am a worthless cum whore.  Please help me become who I was destined to be!!!


Sissy Natalie

[email protected]

Lafayette, IN

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  1. Sissy Boy January 29, 2017
  2. david w green October 29, 2017

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