1. Anonymous 9 months ago

    Love your look sweetie.

  2. Anonymous 9 months ago

    Hello sissy suzi, you are very cute

  3. sophie 9 months ago

    Very nice post Suzi , can we be friend ?

    • Jenniferann 9 months ago

      yes, we can b friends if u accept that i am the best on this site! my exposures r the standard, none compare!

      • sophie 9 months ago

        OMG , let me dear perfect my studio and lets fight for “who is the best sissy exposed ” i love your reply and your exposure , you are really the friend that i missed so much , if you lived closer to me i would invite you .


  4. Jenniferann 9 months ago

    suck my cock faggot

  5. Anonymous 9 months ago

    mmm cute cock sucker

  6. Anonymous 9 months ago

    suzi are you from the borough ?

  7. Anonymous 8 months ago

    Suzti I would love to dress like you and we could be sissy sisters and look for cocks to suck. we could be filmed play and sucking each other. Then back into are chastity for a very long tome.

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