Smallest dick contest! Rules and prizes.

The smallest dick contest has started!


Click here to upload a new entry, and view and vote for pictures already uploaded



  1. Each photo must show something next to the small willy to reference the size, such a measuring tape or iPhone. Photos without this will not be counted and will be removed.
  2. If you are deemed the winner (by most votes) you must submit a photo showing full body and face holding a sign with exposedfaggots written on it or have this site on laptop/tablet in the background to prove the picture is actually of you.
  3. Each person can submit 2 entries, please note you must submit with a width of at least 350px
  4. You can vote for each picture once per day, the picture with the most votes at the end will win!
  5. Common sense… but the picture uploaded must be of YOUR OWN dick.


  • The winner will get their picture on the banner – free of charge.
  • They will also get their picture on the homepage of the site for 1 month which will link to their personal blog.
  • The satisfaction knowing their dick is the smallest on ROFL.
  • There will be a contest winner page which will show all winners for all contests which you will be added 2.

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