The best thing ever happened to this Fag recently.  I fucked up & pissed off my Master. He was benevolent & kind and gave me an opportunity to redeem myself. What resulted was the most desperate & panicked (and most wonderful) self-exposure I have ever done. Thank you Sr for owning, dominating & punishing me.

At first, this dumb-fuck diaper-fag couldn’t get it right.  It was hard enough to learn how to draw on myself, and I couldn’t write in the direction that would read properly in a pic. But I tried, and scrubbed & re-applied that Sharpie marker to my skin so often that that it got raw.  I can only hope that my BF & employees couldn’t read the residue spelling out “diaper-fag” & “” the next morning.



I did my earnest best, and took pics of me in my diapers, with Master Ashton’s website & that day’s date exposed as best I could.  I showed off a huge dildo, choked myself on it, and shoved it up my ass.  I showed my pathetic excuse for a cock all locked up in stainless-steel chastity.




The next day I finally made it work.


I showed the world what I am, a pathetic Diaper-Fag


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