Stephen is looking for internet exposure

10 Things you need to know about Stephen

  1. Stephen likes to wear gstrings, microslips, ladies’ lingerie, thongs, bikini briefs and feminine clothes
  2. Stephen shaves his pubic hair…he really isn’t worthy to sport the trappings of a mature male
  3. Stephen finds it hard (no pun intended) to achieve and maintain an erection
  4. Stephen finds it even harder to reach orgasm
  5. Therefore, Stephen very rarely produces sperm…unlike real men, who produce it often
  6. Stephen is a married man…but he gets all his relief from masturbation – no other contact
  7. Stephen likes to flash, streak and expose his naked body in public places
  8. Stephen has a small cock that most people just laugh at


  9. Stephen wants his pictures exposed for everyone to see
  10. Stephen wants to be humiliated in front of his colleagues 

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