Exposed and OUTED on


He claimed he wanted to be exposed.

He sent this:


There is no person as Tom Susic!


His Real Name is



Yes, not the Steve Forbes everyone has heard about…

This Steven Forbes is a FAGGOT!!!




Feel free to print and mail the image

above and send it to his wife!


Steven Forbes aka User Name Tammy

You are now an OUTED FAGGOT on


Enjoy your permanent Exposure!!!

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  1. Paula 3 months ago

    Steven Lewis Forbes from Glen Rock, PA is a cocksucking sissy faggot.

  2. EvilMissM 3 months ago

    Does poor Brenda know anything? I think she should be told? (right)

  3. Author
    LLM 2 months ago

    It isn’t smart to try and trick me! 🙂

  4. lol wow, what a loser thinking he could send you fake info!

  5. Mya 1 month ago

    very good

  6. iamdisgraced 4 weeks ago

    He’s fucked.

  7. Sissy Peggy 4 weeks ago

    Can’t hide from this you are outed for sure

  8. exposed fag 4 weeks ago

    steven forbes wants his wife brenda forbes to see this so she divorces him and he can become a cumhole for men

  9. FatAssSmallDick 4 weeks ago

    Steven Forbes is bugging me to post a comment, so hears one, His cell phone is 717-576-0941. Call him, write it on public walls saying for a good time call. Blow up his phone haha

  10. Sally 4 weeks ago

    Wish I was as exposed as you lol

  11. Sissywedgie 4 weeks ago


  12. hugo andres caicedo 3 weeks ago

    sissy bitch horny nice

  13. Master Tom 3 weeks ago

    Steph is so pathetic

  14. Versastevemo 3 weeks ago

    Great exposure, even a photo of his house. what a faggot!

  15. PnpSissy 3 weeks ago

    OH shit, what a mess for him now!

  16. sissy kelly 3 weeks ago

    sweet exposure


  18. Peter Reinecke 2 weeks ago

    well done exposure,
    now he got what he wanted 🙂

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