I am thinking of implementing a new verification feature for users who claim to be mistresses or any type of alpha/master. These types of users never create exposures, so the verification will be a lil diff to the normal fags. Normal fags only have to verify themselves when creating a post with personal info.
With this new feature/rule all mistresses/doms/masters will have to verify themselves as soon as they start using the site. Even if they have not posted any pictures or info.
Once verified they will get a badge on their profile saying they are legit.

This will of course make it so less mistresses/masters use this site. But the ones that do, will be proven to be legit. Alot of fake fags on the site lately trying to extort other fags. Or just pretending to be people they are not.

Let me know in the comments if you want this feature, or if you dont care about the fakes.

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6 months ago

Good idea.

Jenna Fab
7 months ago

Ilove this and support this

7 months ago

they should be verify by you for ex.send you paper writed theirs EF name with actual date…after they should have some badge on their profile that was veryfication correctly done….

Sissy Marcy Lane
9 months ago

I love the idea

9 months ago

Seems like a good idea.

Could scare away some people, but at least the remaining will be legit.

9 months ago

I like submitting to other fags as well as Masters and Dommes. I strive to be below everyone.

Bob the Sissy
9 months ago

Right now I have mixed feelings on this. I do like the verifying idea but see the negative as our wonderful administrator brought up as less will do this. I have no idea what the ratio of dom/alpha males is to faggots here (and elsewhere) but it must be huge. What do people think, 1000 or more fags to one alpha? I am not sure how many alpha men or women are on here but suffice to say they are in demand. All of us faggots would love one in our town to take charge in a real time physical… Read more »

Vivian Tootinyforher
9 months ago

Yes it is true that alot of people pretend to be more than a stupid fag and abusing others. It will be more save and more fun if we little beta fags know that a real dom woman or man treat us like shit.

mark kessler
9 months ago

Master Ashton please verify the Masters & Mistresses.

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