Why was my exposure removed?

Exposures with only one or less pictures and no information to accompany the picture will be removed immediately. A single picture can be posted in the news feed. Here is A check list of things your exposure should have to not get removed. Good exposure checklist:
  • Multiple pictures
  • Face showing in at least one picture
  • Information about your self – Name, City, fetishes, work blah blah
  • Social media links
  • Contact info
Shit exposure checklist – any of the following will get your exposure removed:
  • Only 1 picture
  • No information accompanying the picture
  • Blurred out face
  • Info without any pictures
  • Title saying video of something then linking to another site for the video (embed the video dipshit)
If your exposure gets removed, you will not be able to create another one until you upgrade your account.

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