Small penis humiliation :


I have recorded two new video asking for humiliation. One is in english and one is in french.

The sound isn't good so I have write the text :

in french :

J'aime être humilié.
J'ai une toute petite bite.
Comme vous pouvez le voire.
Elle ne dépasse pas les 10 cm et là je suis au maximum.
S'il vous plait, laissé des commentaire, envoyé moi des mail, pour m'humilié!

in english :

I’m a french small penis loser like you can see.
My small penis is 10 cm long, about 4 inches.
Please, leave humiliating comment and send me some email.

the link to see :

I need a dominent. What I want to do for the future is :

  • forced to serve in a night a group of person
  • Show my small penis to a group of people while they laugh at me
  • I want to do some of this recorded and broadcast in many live cam site
  • I love insert some vegetable like carot, cucumber or other in my ass for humiliation
  • I love to be ballbusted
  • I love the idea of cleaning cunt full of sperm from another man
  • I love game for exemple 21 or bust. It's a blackjack version with ballbusting
  • I want to be in a partie forced to serve naked


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