Want to get your picture on the exposedfaggots banner? The banner shows up on every page of exposedfaggots.com giving you the most exposure possible on the site! Your picture is guaranteed to stay on the banner for at least on year.

The banner has only 1 spot left. This post has the text covering it.

Who ever offers the most money will get the spots. Message me in chat, or comment on this post with your offer. Payment is made using paypal or amazon.com giftcards.


Only 1 spots left now.

All the money from the banner pictures will be going towards paying a web developer who can help me speed up the site and make it much more mobile friendly. These issues need to be addressed but sadly, are above my skill level. If there is any fags reading this that are experienced with wordpress and Ubuntu servers and want to help, hit me up!

Very dominant straight alpha. Overlord of all faggots on this site. Very short tempered with dumb faggots. Don’t ask me to expose you unless you have something to for me $$

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  1. LLM 6 months ago

    Is the photo available on the right side not covered by text going to be the same size as the other photos? Thank You!

  2. rita matranga 6 months ago

    interested in being on banner if possible ty

  3. jon gifford 6 months ago

    i so would love to be posted

  4. doris_star 6 months ago

    that we should have paid for it…

    • Admin MasterAshton 6 months ago

      What do you mean? You’re upset you have to pay, when there is only 3 spots left?

      • doris_star 6 months ago

        it mean we sell ownthings…do you know what is”data protection”?

  5. Anonymous 6 months ago

    $50 starting bid

  6. SisssyboiXXX 6 months ago


  7. Chrisissy 6 months ago

    Good luck bidding sluts!

  8. Unfortunately I do not have any money but I would like to use the banner as well

  9. steves54 6 months ago

    Would love to have my photo on the banner

  10. Bluebear41 6 months ago

    $200 for the remaining clear uncovered spot. Happy to support the site – thanks for the opportunity. Cheers!

  11. Steve 6 months ago

    $100 for a spot with the text covering it.

  12. Admin MasterAshton 6 months ago

    All people who have made offers, or requested they want to be on the banner have been contacted!

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