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    Sissy diane 1 year ago

    Expose and spread

  2. FaggotFredCUMPIG 1 year ago

    You may be weird, but you look kinda cute when you are all dressed up and made up. not much to look at as a man clearly, but i would definitely bend you over something and fuck your brains out, after i pull you up of your knees from sucking my cock, then right as i get ready to blow my load, i would turn you around and make you suck your ass off my cock before unloading a hot steamy load in yuor mouth and all over your face, messing up that makeup. then i would make you walk around in a busy mall, with your makeup smeared and my cum still dripping off your face. and if a drop hits the floor, you will have to stop and lick it up. and if any other men notice the sign around your neck that reads YES I AM A SISSY FAGGOT COCK WHORE CUM SLUTand YES, THIS IS CUM ON MY FACE. WILL YOU PLEASE ADD MORE? and theyn want to add more, we will take them to the nearest bathroom and you can sucke them off, one, two, three or more at a time, until your belly i full of cum, your face is covered so much that you cant see. when everybody is done, we will lead you back throught he mall, with your face completely covered with a new sign that reads.I NEED MORE CUM, FOLLOW ME TO MY PLACE. we leave the mall and the cars start piling in behind us.soon there is a line so long that we are unable to see the end of it. we get to your house and just open all the doors and hundreds of guys just walk in . you are squatted in the middle of the biggest room where the is just a small couch in it. the guys start putting you on it any and everyway they can. sitting on it, layin gon it, bent over it so that one two or three guys can use you at a time. sometimes you have a cock in your mouth, sometimes a cock in your mouth and one in your ass. other times ther is two in each hole and one in each hand. by th time the night ends, you have cum covering every inch of your body, seeping out of your mouth and ass, and its all over the floor and couch. you think you are done, but we wipe the cum off your eyes and scoop up all we can off your body and make you eat that too, then we make you get on all fourts and crawl around and lick up every drop off the floor and the couch, niot missing nary a drop, then i tell yuo that this all was filmed and will be downloaded to EVERY social media outlet along with you picture, birthdate, phone number, address, social outlets you tune too, with instrucyions that if anybody sees you out in public, they should take you to the nearest abandoned spot and rape you, repeatedly, or either right there in the open. also that you want any and everybody to come back whenever the feel the need to use a useless, worthless, fuck hole, cumpig like yourself. we even installed a giant neon sign above your house that is about 15 to 20 feet tall and 20 t0 30 foot long that reads, come fuck the cumpig. it is very brigth and can be seen for miles away. and since you live out by yourself, we put up one on each side of your house. the one on the left 30 feet tall an d50 feet wide says SISSY FAGGOT, thhe one on the right, same size as the one on the left says I LOVE CUM. we also took liberties to lay one own in the backyar since the local airports flight pattern runs across yoour house, we put out a 100 X 100 foot bright neon sign that says so everybody sees

    & CUM SLUT

    dont worry though, even if its not night, preople can read them, and we left pamplets at the airport, train station, subway platforms, in every cab, with every uber driver and posted all over the city, hell we even put an ad on tv, tellin geverybody where they can find you, what you are and what you want, we even have member of the police force that want you so dont worry, you wont get arrested, you are just going to be fucked and Fucked and FUCKED over, and Over, and OVER again and again. Hope you like this fantasy, OR is it??

  3. Bliss to piss 6 months ago


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