I’m Adam Duane Pettibone I’m humiliated daily all of my family have seen my pictures a few of my sisters make fun of me now and call me a faggot which is true.. my parents can’t understand why I feel the need to post pictures like this on the internet they don’t understand I’m a exposure whore .. my girlfriend who is now my ex can’t believe I’m such a bitch she has seen the worst she has seen pictures I wouldn’t dare put on the web she has read notes that I have written about my darkest fantasy’s she knows how truly fucked I am in the head.. she has even caught me taking pictures of her mom while she was sleeping I love how sick and twisted I am and I owe it all to me being molested and my porn addiction

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mark kessler

that is fucked up,


Love love love!


Its all about no self esteem. Ytust me, i know

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