So faggots, I made this site A couple years back for shits and giggles I never ever thought so many of you faggots would be into willing exposing your selfs, every morning I wake up checking the site laughing my ass seeing how much it’s growing daily! “who the fuck in their right mind wants to show the word pictures of them in dresses, sucking black dick or eating shit” but fuck Alot of you cunts out there love this shit.

A little bit about my self.

my-snapshot_583 my-snapshot_610 my-snapshot_477
There Isnt much to say about me, most of you already know I’m some cocky ass Australian dude who is A cunt to most people. (If your A hot skinny girl wearing Victoria Secret underwear, or someone giving me bucket loads of cash for nothing, I’m usually nice to you.) When I’m not on Chaturbate whoring my self out for your fag-cash, I’m either staring at my self in the mirror, skateboarding or at the gym. I am by no stretch of the imagination A website designer or server administrator so when shit goes wrong I have to spend hours figuring out how to fix the shit my self or pay some cunt to get it done quickly. I bet you cunts can see where this is going 😛


Just recently I hired someone to look at the website to see why it’s A slow fuck and why it’s been crashing so much lately. Pretty much the answer is THERE IS WAY TOO MANY OF YOU FAGGOTS TRYING TO EXPOSE YOUR SELF’S running the server out of memory and bandwidth, which is funny as fuck that this is actually happening LOL.

The site needs to upgrade the server and go back through all the thousands of images you cunts uploaded and optimize them all seeing as I allowed you cunts to upload any file in any size. This is both expensive and time consuming and as you can bet I’m OVER spending my own money and time on this site.

I’ve already spent bucket loads out of my own pocket upgrading this site and trying to keep it running smoothly, but with how popular it’s getting the expenses are outweighing what little money it does make from whoring you cunts out. I cannot keep spending all of my own time and cash keeping this site up.

You can help pay for the costs by sending to my Paypal, or skrill accounts. Amazon gift-cards are welcome but the money cannot be cashed out so it won’t be put towards the sites admin costs.
Send me A email to [email protected] or hit me up on skype: rippedxxx if you want to help with the costs of running this site.

People that help with the costs of keeping this site live will get the following:
A badge of their profile showing they are better then the other faggots for helping
They will be allowed to upload much bigger files, and much more often no 12hrs waiting between posts.
I will allow their accounts to delete their posts after been published without having to me to do it.
Knowing they helped to keep the site live 😉

Thanks Cunts



Very dominant straight alpha. Overlord of all faggots on this site. Very short tempered with dumb faggots. Don’t ask me to expose you unless you have something to for me $$

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  1. doris_star 3 months ago

    then stop giving banned…and begin care of fags and sissies…have nice day!!!

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