My name is JR Conklin but my hidden self is  sissy jade conklin. I was born on July 16, 1963, I live in Madison WI on the east side and with very little looking you will discover that I have a snapchat, pinterest, Twitter and a few other accounts


My story is typical…a few anonymous grindr meet ups wearing panties until one day while with a couple the girlfriend snapped some pics with her bf cock in my mouth.

Didn’t want money just control. The pics got wilder and the hole deeper. I  now have one or two people who yank my chain when bored. Either to service them or loan me to a friend or the occasional stranger or party.


Public humiliation, use, and exposure is what is expected of me which is why I am submitting this exposure. 3 of my handlers are reading it over to make sure that I am safe but exposed enough for people to recognize me any place, any time on a more regular basis so to keep me in a hypersensitive mode.


They do prefer to keep me in FLR situations to ensure my humiliation but do not discriminate on how I get used by them. I began HRT about 8 months ago as they wanted me to appear more feminine and its appears to be working.


I  am required to list  on Doublelist and Tinder on a regular basis. There are no fees involved but they do enjoy a picture or two or even a short video of my humiliation  They get great joy from my public humiliation especially with watersport and facial walks of shame pics

They have also had me make occasional usb exposures and then leave them at various places (truck stop, bar, grocery store, fast food bathrooms) to see if found what someone would do

There is now a system in place for people in the area (or when I travel) who think they may recognize me but are either shy or afraid of being wrong

If you see someone who you think is me just say, text or email the word “alphabet” if you have made a mistake at worst someone will look at you strange  at best I will acknowledge your superiority.

My past includes graduating from Superior Sr Highschool in the early 80s. I use to be heavily involved in theatre and the union. I once worked for a large manufacturing company in Madison am an avid HD rider and can be seen regularly at the pancake house between noon and 2 on Saturdays

They have agreed that I have met their requirements and am now required to submit this to Master Ashton.


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