Hello ♡
My name is Daniel Herrero Betegón, I’m 38 years old and I am completely frustrated with my sex life. I have made the mistake of believing all this time that I only like women, which made me marry one and have 3 children. But I don’t care, I can’t change the past but I can decide what I want to do with my present and future.
 I love my children and my wife even though I haven’t had pleasurable sexual relations for a LONG time and having recently discovered what a slut and cocks addict I am, I have decided to expose myself as the slutty that I am. I love being fucked and I adore the idea of ​​being dominated and turned into her cumdump.
I am a high school teacher so you can call me Teacher, I adore my students but I also madly love dicks and having fun exposing myself like the cum additc slut that I am.
I live in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, so don’t hesitate to approach me and hint that you wanted a blowjob or directly ask me for sex. Don’t worry, it’s not my first time giving blowjobs and I assure you that all the men I’ve been with have left happy ♡
♡Social networks for nudes and sexting♡
•Telegram: @Almostel
•Instagram: @Almostel
•Twitter: @Almostel
Its me!
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2 months ago

Even though you’re a faggot, this faggot would suck that nice cock 😉

Harley Banks
Harley Banks
2 months ago

Hi Daniel I just want to say the fact your a teacher gets me really excited. I’m very submissive, docile, a bit timid but very obedient and do what I’m told to do. You have an amazing disk omg ! It’s so big, dominating and manly! I was born to please men like you! I’d love to txt with you and tell you how I wish I was in your class, and how I would seduce you as your student. I’m feminine, soft and smooth. I have a very light soft voice and will do anything you ask me! If… Read more »

Aaron Mars
2 months ago

Hey Daniel,
Wow! Crazy story but quite the cock sleeve you have become!

Nice looking dude. Even I would suck your cock!
Here’s hoping you have a nice holiday from the States… 🙂

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