First things first – How does exposedfaggots work?

  • is for faggots that crave exposure! If you are unsure, still deciding or need someone to pressure you into, it’s probably best you leave right now before you regret it! THERE IS NO GOING BACK.
  • Faggots upload exposures, then people comment, rate and share the exposures.
  • The exposures can get shared to twitter, googleplus, facebook, tumblr and pretty much any blog website!
  • Once published, exposures CANNOT be edited or removed. Only upgraded accounts can remove exposures (this costs)
  • Even upgraded accounts can only remove exposures from this site directly, it will not remove the exposures to the sites it was shared on.
  • Each exposure has A reblogged counter – this counts how many times it has been shared to another site, however it does not track which sites ūüėČ

Are you A loser fag, desperate to get exposed to thousands of people? Well you have A couple options!

  1. Upload your own exposure by clicking NewExposure in the top left РBottom of page will explain in more detail.
  2. I have provided this platform so you fags can expose yourselves, without me lifting A finger! (this means do not ask me to expose you for free) But if you have the fagcash, I will make create custom exposure for you including fag ID CARD.
    • Simply send A (must be .com,au) gift card to or click here¬†– then egiftcard.
    • I will accept any amount of $30 or over – put your email address as the note on the giftcard.
    • AFTER you have sent the giftcard email me – and send me all your details and pictures that you want exposed, you can also add me to skype (put your skype in the gift card note)
    • I will then create A custom exposure with all pictures and info you have sent me, adding some of my own words of course ūüėČ You will also get your own fag id card.
  3. For those of you broke ass faggots who can’t afford to pay, you can email your info and pictures, but some of your pictures must include you holding signs or have written all over your body. This will not guarantee you get on the site, but if the site is slow with minimal exposures I will publish the people who have the signs first.
    1. sent for exposure
  4. Many gift cards from many different fags, join in the fun!

Have basic internet skills? Upload your own exposure (I know most of you fags are old as fuck, but hey some of you might know how to use the internet)

  • Register to the site here.
  • Click NewExposure found on the top left of the site.
  • Fill out the title.
  • Add some exposing pictures – the more the better, don’t hide your ugly face either!
  • Include¬†info such as Name, Address, email, skype and of course let the other fags know what you are into and what you’re¬†seeking.
  • Promote yourself, this is the best place to get people to view your tumblr, twitter, facebook or whatever social media you have! Make sure to use link button!
  • I will review the exposure, if it has all the above things IT WILL get published.

Upload other faggots to this site, so I have more time to relax and enjoy my fagcash!

I get tons of content from fags all across the internet wanting to get on the site, I don’t have the time nor the patients to upload everyone. If you are¬†fluent in¬†English, and know how to use A mouse and keyboard then send me A email, maybe i’ll put you to work writing posts for this site!

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