Paul Greeenwell

The internet biggest exposure addicted sissy faggot



Paul is the most pathetic faggot on all of the internet, and hes proud of it! This pathetic faggot is addicted to jerking his cock, taking pictures of him looking like a sissy and ofcourse sending ME my fagcash.
He knows hes that pathetic that no one will give him attention, unless he pays out the ass for it, so thats exactly what this dumb slut does LMAO.































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gerhard ralf
2 days ago

i love it….i want the same from me….hehehe great profile

23 days ago

OMG!!! looks like paul is ruined for life…i can’t emagine self like that…

23 days ago

Seeing sissies like you expose yourself here on & other sites, started the burning desire to expose myself & I can’t stop.

Paul Gibson
4 months ago

Paul I’ve followed you for so long. I got into this by watching people like you

sophie sissy ho
5 months ago

you are such a faggot , pay to get exposed , what a worm ! fuck I got trap in this too so I am like you then !!

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