I am a sissy faggot queer. My name is Steve Wood, I live in USA. I not only like handsome men with big penises but I prefer them. People who know me have no idea, I am not only a sissy who shaves his legs, applies nail polish, wears panties, bras, and stockings, but I also like being with boys and making them happy. I really enjoy feeling a man`s penis through his pants as it gets hard and even more so when he unzips his pants and I see his large but erect huge penis pointed at my mouth where I know what I will be doing next for him. But I also realize a sissy has no real rights and so I know I will have to face the consequences when people who know me learn the truth that I want to be a sissy girl and to be desired by boys. I also invite any woman who likes sissies to come with me and go shopping at Victoria`s Secret or any other women`s department store to help me pick out panties, bras, suspenders, etc. You can even tell the saleslady, “ Oh, these are not for me. They are for him”. So I can face the humiliation of women in the store looking at me and smiling….

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2 years ago

Sexy as fuck

Vivian Tootinyforher
2 years ago

Thank you for your confession, very brave to put yourself on display. Maybe now all your friends, family and neighbors will know what you are.

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