Nice summer morning and of course i go and spoil it by going outside of the hotel where i work at and live and taking pictures in my diapers.

Well the joke was on me this time because someone complained to the owner who went over the past security tapes and saw you’re s truly while drunk in the halls awhile back in just my diapers.

Sooo for the second time in my life I’ve been fired over diapers and given 2 weeks to find a place (which i already have, and have anther job lined up) but still the thrill of being called into his office and being shown the pictures, printed out and then fired, i almost came in my pants!

needless to say, I’m hopoing word of this doesn’t reach the new place I’m a work LOL. show up first day to be fired would suckkkk

and if your wondering about the first time i got fired over diapers? I’d stolen 13 of them while working as late night shipper/receiver at a department store, and had stolen a pack of diapers and had 13 of the suckers on.. and thinking the backroom camera was still broken, wiggled and slapped my pampered ass for the camera.. finding out later that the camera had been fixed eailer that day @__

Admin edit: Add more photos next time

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3 years ago

So where do you work and live now.?

3 years ago

dude, sorry you lost your job. But what a way to do it!

Kyle Blebjørn
3 years ago

Nice post my friend, but once again you are extra-pathetic (but not in a good way). You’re an admirable diaper-fag, but your pics are very few and always super-shitty quality. You’re an amazingly inspiring loser faggot, and I admire you. I’d love to see some better pics of your pathetic diaper-faggotry! 😉

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