How many views is my exposure getting?


You may have noticed exposedfaggots does not have a view counter, but instead a reblog counter. I feel this is a much better way of guaging the level of exposure your post is getting, and after all this site is all about exposure. Sure we could count views, but I don’t see the point in that…. who cares how many people have looked at your pictures.  Looking at your post, doing nothing then moving on to the next thing does nothing to benefit your exposure so im my opinion it’s not worth knowing about. Instead we use the reblog counter. This counts everytime shares your post. But it does not track where to. Knowing 100 people cared enough to share your post to other sites, which can then get shared again from there is much better then knowing 200 people looked at your pics and did nothing.

As far as views go. Everytime someone new visits the site, if they are a member or not it gives them the option to sign up to our mailing list. Everytime an exposure is published it is instantly sent to everyone in the mailing list. At the time of writting this, there is 6145 people on the mailing list. As well as everyone on the mailing list the homepage gets anywhere from 3000 – 7000  views per day. The views go up and down depending on weekends, public holidays and so on. The site all up has had millions of views. It’s safe to say, your exposures are getting many many views. But just because people are viewing your exposure, dosn’t mean they care about it. Getting people to care about what they see, is the trick to getting it reblogged. If you are good looking, or a celebraity this is easy to do. If you are ugly and a nobody (most of you) getting people to care is much harder. If you are wanting help getting people to care about your exposure, feel free to purchase an exposure package.  Even the most basic package ill make sure your exposure gets as many reblogs as possible, and help you create much better exposure for your self in the future. There is so many ugly fags on this site wanting to be famous internet fags… simply showing people your ugly face saying share my pics and info just dosn’t cut it.  Sure it’s fun for shits n giggles. But if you want legit exposure you need to make people care about what they see.

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2 years ago

Great to know this

3 years ago

Thankful for this knowledge of how many people actually see my exposures and the potential damage is will do to my reputation as a person.

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