How works. works by allowing anyone that is A registered member to upload exposures. This may include pictures,videos and personal info. Once A user publishes the exposure it’s then automatically re posted on twitter, tumblr, google+ and other blogs affiliated with Exposedfaggots. In addition anyone even non registered users can share the exposure easily to their own social-networks by clicking on the sharing icons found on the post.  At the bottom of each exposure you will see A re blogged counter, this is the amount of times the post has been shared.

As you can bet this makes it much easier to get your sissy faggot ass go viral and get shared all over the internet! Although having second thoughts? Just jerked off over everyone having your info and pics and now you want them removed? Well that’s going to be tough to almost impossible. Exposures can be removed from THIS site but you will then have to go and find which sites your exposure got shared to and hope they will remove it. If that sounds way too scary for you, you can disable social sharing when publishing the exposure, only people visiting this site will see your exposure.

The site is based around people exposing them self’s, but it can also be used by Masters/Alphas to promote them selfs. This works the same as upload exposure but obviously instead of exposing your self you would promote your self and tell people what your looking for and A way to contact you.
What can be uploaded.
This is A role-play site, not A hate site.  This means the site is not intended to expose people who do not want or ask for it. You may upload personal images/videos and info of your self only, unless you have permission from another person to put them on the site. Users found uploading content without permission will be immediately banned from the site.

Things to note before uploading A exposure.
Exposures once published, can only be edited or removed BY ME. Contact me via this site or (skype – rippedxxx) if you want your account to be able to edit/remove your exposure after you publish it.

Exposures should consist of several photos and information about the person(s) in the photos. In today’s age of social sharing VIDEO RULE, having A video on your exposure will get it seen by on average %70 more people! This will be hard for new users with the 1mb file upload limit, but you can always link to videos hosted from other sites.

Avoid creating A new exposure just to share one picture with no text, the newsfeed is much better suited for this and also shows up on the homepage.

There is A limit of one exposure every 12hrs, this is to stop dumb fucks trying to fill the home page with just their exposures.

Each member has A total upload limit of 5Mb, each image/video you upload can be A maximum 1MB. This means photos taken straight from your camera will have to be resized before uploading to the site.  If you cannot do this your self will do it for you.

Contact me to upgrade your accounts upload limit so you can upload more and bigger pictures/videos.

Account upgrades + Exposure Services

Users can pay to enable their account to be able to edit/remove exposures after being published and to get bigger upload limits.  Can’t pay but still want to upgrade? Contact me, I’m always looking for skilled faggots to work for me in writing, graphic design and promoting.

Faggots can also tribute me to personally expose them. Common request is for fags to send A small tribute to get their exposure published, then they must double or triple the amount for the exposure to come down.  I can accommodate to most exposure fetishes, just ask!

I accept the following payment methods: giftcard
Chaturbate tokens

Do not ask for me to pick up the cash in person or any way not listed.

How to contact me
Commenting on this post, using the live chat or sending me A personal message.
Skype – rippedxxx
Email –

Part 2 about whoring will come soon
Peace cunts.




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9 months ago

thank you!

1 year ago

Us fags have to live with the ultimate regret of being a faggot. This just ruins us for life. Total excellence Master Ashton!

gary wayne waldon
2 years ago

thank you for taking your precious time to explain to use stupid faggots how your wonderful site works MASTER ASHTON

Doug Stratemeyer
Doug Stratemeyer
4 years ago

I don’t want to go back. I use my real name!

4 years ago

Master Ashton, Sir
How much does this fag need to pay to enable the editing privileges on my posts?
I do not intend to delete the posts completely… I am not trying to wriggle out of my exposure! I simply want to remove certain details that may be damaging to other innocent people.

4 years ago

No you can pay to get Ashton to delete.

4 years ago

This is devilish! Once you are exposed, there is no way back…

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