May I please be your toilet? I am a worthless and perverted Asian shit slave looking for a man, woman or couple to use me as their toilet. I want to survive on your bodily waste with daily feedings of your shit and piss. I want my entire naked body smeared with your shit so I look and smell like a sewer. My toilet mouth will also dispose of puke, cum, spit, snot, smegma, toe jam, menstrual fluid, soiled toilet tissue, garbage…whatever you wish.

I want to be used however you see fit for your amusement, entertainment, and sexual fulfilment. I want to be fed and smeared in your shit, your friend’s shit, or shit that you have sent me out to gather up. When you aren’t using me as a toilet I will perform domestic duties for you….or you can keep me locked up in a cage. If you have a dog I will eagerly pick up its shit and dispose of it however you see fit. I also want to amuse you by performing sexual acts on your dog.

I am worthless, I am a loser, I am pathetic. I AM a toilet with no self esteem or self worth.

My name: Jeroen Elswijk.
My website:
My email address: elswi023 @
My phone number: 0031621225197
And my adress: Gouden Leeuw 146, 1103 KC Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Please, may I have a chance to be your toilet and shit slave. You decide my fate.

Thank You.

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3 years ago

Best of the best of losers like me. I am in love with you.

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