Yes i was here before…

not sure about  year i joined here… but i back…

Natural born sissy-existed in both versions(female/male)depends on my mood,as “female”version all knows me as dorisstar/sissydoris

sissy,fags,Losers alwas will come back for exposure…

many yers i’ve been pretending straight…every my relationships with women,all my past realtionships with women has ended in failure:(

Still struggling with my gay desires…

Loser Confession

thinking of women all the time…

watching femdom movies with humiliation,exposure,cuckolding,sissyfication forced bi,turning gay and deep fantasisies of blackmailing game fantasy …

Exposed Faggots         Faggot Exposed

Many time watched straight porn or couples on webcams get me bored and frustrated…i had no sex with women from 2009,i feel so jealous of men fuck that women, licking her pussy, make her moaning, gosh….a loser confession……

but sometimes i’m so jealous of women aswell…how they feel during sex/orgasms/…how they are so powerfull to men,they make men to do what they want

confused small dicked faggot    French exposed faggot jacking off

but other site ….when i get chat searching online some domme women to belong to them…pushing me out ,because they want some money for fun and serve them,gosh… it makes me hate them!!!!

Exposed Faggots sissy fantasy

is that make me gay?

Top Fags your so gay banner

some part of me just like men handsome guys,nice,gently-not rude persons…just guys who have pretty big dick

Loser Confession sucking cock watching porn

i love them so much,but feel so weak to them(to weak to starting conversations with women and how keep it)

Loser Exposed sucking dildo

why i’m still lonely and alone? can’t help myself and find women for love each others…
why Femdom movies and Dominant women turn me on so much as humiliation,exposure,sissification,feminisation,turning gay,etc.???

i don’t know myself why i do all this things… and why i’m so internally torn….anybody can explain it?
My soul have aswell(depends of my mood) domimant nature
i make porn movies on request aswell…depends of my moods i do movies as sissy,gay,female,faggot,humiliations,domination,etc
you can find out about it on my pages

Lately i discover that i not feel preasure for doing self femme look to enjoy all my fetishes like i did before with necessity feminine self, and doing all those humiliation-Loser things…Femdom clips helped me realised that i just become Loser cuck faggot gay-boi. It so confused 🙁

When realised i’m completly pussy free (2015 last time saw,lick,smell of pussy)

Exposed Loser Pussy Free sign

even not know how it started that i begin enjoy that humiliation videos about turning self gay with cuck fantasies and pussy free,censored/pixels (pussy,boobs) ,premature ejaculating and jerk off to it…

Now straight porn,even shemale porn is boring for me… sometimes even gay means nothing…

let me know what you think in comments or let’s chat about it

don’t forget visit my other exposure post as“official faggot”


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23 days ago

Poor little Piotr, such a sad failed man, unable to accept that he is indeed a totally gay sissy faggot that would rather humiliate himself online for the pathetic cock loving homo that he has always been. Thank god he doesn’t try to date women anymore! Addicted to exposing himself online, gay, a sissy crossdresser, addicted to to porn and masturbation, Having sex with unattractive, perverted older men is the only physical contact with another human being he will ever have in the future, how pathetic is that!

Tracey Baxter
27 days ago

Great exposure love Traceylove

28 days ago

hate loser- i love sissy faggot!!

Nicola Belot
28 days ago


29 days ago

wonderful exposure….

1 month ago

fagot forever! expose!

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