carey smith

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Fag Sissy


florissant missouri 63031, US



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I am a crossdresser who loves humiliation, cuckolding, chastity, bondage and a lot more. I love to give real men pleasure by sucking and swallowing, or taking bareback loads in my asspussy.  i am also a slave wanting a man to lock me in permanent chastity, or remove my genitals for his pleasure. i do not want to be allowed to function as a male, and do not want to be allowed erections or orgasms…my owner will have enough for us both

please E X P O S E me to anyone and everyone that i am a faggot sissy slave.   willing to be used by anyone in the st.louis area, anyway you want to use me. if its something i dont want to do, tie me down, whip me, and do it anyway  i am very willing to be a blackmailed slave, and forced to do extremely humiliating things.

my email is please send humiliating comments and cock and ball pics there.

also what you would like to do to destroy me

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