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I am a proud pathetic disgusting nasty piss drinking mutt urinal and toilet licking faggot Mauro. I love to drink anonymous piss and be pissed on, love piss in my ass too. Love to sniff and wear pissed stinky clothes. Love to worship Mens’ rough Feet, i gladly sniff and lick Mens’ Feet, i suck toes, between the toes, i clean any kind dirt off with my tongue and mouth, i would gladly eat the dry rough skin from Manly Feet if served to me, also my own dry skin I will eat my or/and Master’s toenails if requested by Master. Love to rim a dirty ass or suck a dirty cock, love smegma. Beginner with scat, lick, put in mouth, smear, maybe also eat my own shit or/and from The Master. I can do and sniff farts if Master Wants. Love to sniff, lick and worship sweaty stinky ripe musky hairy armpits. Love to be spitted on my face. I don’t wash my armpits or my junk, want them to smell bad, i wear dirty underwear I wear the chastity all the time Love to make stupid faces, love to be a gooner, to be humiliated, degraded and laughed at, outdoors and exhibitions I have an ugly, repulsive and disgusting junk in my underwear.  It’s not even a dick because it is not ment for breeding. I also have useless puny balls. Love sm, bdsm, being cages for real, cbt, love the pain from wax, fire to burn my body hair, foreskin torture, saline, sounding, enema, bladder enema with any ingredient or thing, ballbusting, elastrator bands and needles Into public, outdoors, exhibition, humiliation, degradation, objectification and being laughed at. 

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