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The internet and it’s rules/laws are rapidly changing. Most of you are aware of tumblr and other sites shutting down the adult part because of these laws. The laws are mostly to do with posting personal info, and are in place to try and stop or minimize sex trafficing.

We are not going to stop allowing people post their personal info.  But we are going to make some small changes so that we can be assured it’s actually the person in the photo’s posting the info.

The new changes are stated below:

1. All new Public Exposure Agreements MUST have a photo of you holding a sign saying I’m a faggot, on is even better. This is to make sure you’re actually person in the PEA. We are also allowing blurred out ID’s.
2. All exposures that contain personal info, such as Address or any contact info must also have a picture with you holding a sign saying It could also be written on your body.
3. Exposures may not contain REAL ID’s.
4. Exposures even with a picture with you holding a sign saying cannot be advertisments for sex. Example.. you cannot give out your location and ask peope to come and do sexual activities with you.
You are able to tell people what you are into and all that… but do not directly ask for people to come and see you. 

If you create an exposure, without your address or contact info.. Only the NO ID rule will apply to you.
At some point in time it will be illegal to show peoples ID online, even with their permission. Removing all the PEA’s in the future we are ok with, but we don’t want to remove all the exposures. Hence the rule for No ID’s

If you have any question or concerns about these new rules, comment below.

These rules start Tomorrow. All exposures in the queue already will be edited if they have personal info or ID’s.
From tomorrow onwards, members who create exposures with personal info will be asked to also submit a picture with If they decline, or ignore the request they will have their account frozen.

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Taylor Hoff
Taylor Hoff
3 years ago

Submitted an exposure that breaks rule 4 before seeing this, sorry!

Vivian Tootinyforher
3 years ago

Thank you Master Ashton for keeping this site up for us faggots. You are doing us such a favor. It is very difficult to find such a great site for real exposure nowadays.

3 years ago

could be good to show everybody some example how should looks like new PEA with legally rules

Sissy Steven Gold
3 years ago

Will PEA’s that do not conform to the new rules be deleted?

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