i am required to beg strangers to use my name, email address and pics  and create profiles of me.   i will verify any website confirmation  emails that i receive even if i don’t have the passwords to the sites  afterwards.  i am not to interfere or deny anything posted about me.     the more humiliating and degrading the better  send me degrading  admission forms / contracts for me to electronically sign and send back  to you with me not knowing who they are going to or where they may end  up or how they may be used against me  my real name is Tyler Jared Lee Lynch my email is wedgiesrlifee@gmail.com    take my identity and forever make me be whatever you want with me having no way to ever stop it  i am a sissy slut for the public and this is what i deserve   Hey im tyler jared lee lynch of erlanger Kentucky aka #sissysluttylerlynch I’m 20 i love being exposed my phone# is 1(859)6202985 id absolutely love it someone could make me a contribute and send it to me via text and yes it really my number lol but i dare everyone to save my pics and send them to me randomly i bet know 1 will but Hey im Tyler Jared lee lynch aka sissy slut tyler lynch im 19 im from Erlanger Kentucky I went to Simon Kenton high school my kik is wedgiesRlifelol and id absolutely love to have a cum tribute made of me ill post it as my profile pic  but     – I Tyler Jared Lee Lynch being of sound mind and body not being forced to post this in any way relinquish any and all of my rights to any and all of my pictures and videos to be altered and photoshopped and used in any way you see fit and i give my consent to have my pictures and videos to used in any way and to heav accounts made in my name on any and all sites and ill confirm any and all accounts no matter what it is whit the knowledge that I will have no access to the account once i confirm it just the thought of this gets me so wet wet i want my name ruined -Sencery Tyler Lynch –  the email for you to use is wedgiesrlifee@gmail.com   and my pic sites are  https://xhamster.com/user/SissySlutTylerLynch https://goo.gl/photos/G5bE5uJ5HFQLpXCp6 my social media is  snapchat taylorlovesp  Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tyler.lynch.737448 twitter1  (@tyler_lynch15) twitter2  (@TylerLynch2017) but CAN someone please help my exposure by exposing me on anything u want please I’m begging you please help ruin my name take my thong wedgie videos and post them on YouTube make adds and acounts in my name and make me confirm them my email is wedgiesrlifee@gmail.com and i promise i will no matter what it is i want to b on porn sites please make it happen and make me regret it please i dare anyone reading this to i bet u won’t   http://datingpsychos.com/tyler-jared-lee-lynch-erlanger-kentucky-2/

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Larry Normann
1 year ago

You make one sweet fag

2 years ago

Your a cute faggot

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