The gallery’s are now back! It is now much easier and faster to get your image in each gallery. Instead of emailing your pictures then waiting for them to uploaded. When viewing the full gallery there will be a link to upload your own picture. This will immediately upload your picture to the site, then as soon as it’s approved it will go automatically go into the gallery. This would be even better if I did not have to approve them, but a slight few faggots here ruin it for the rest of you by uploading junk images into the forms ruining the gallery’s. PLEASE only upload the pictures asked for into the respective upload forms.

The badges and points will also be returning very shortly.


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Dimitris saridis
Dimitris saridis
3 years ago

Greek faggot ready to be more and more exposed

darrel johnson
3 years ago

Here’s my ID. Everyone needs to know where I live and practice my ass fucking


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