Tumblr is shutting down the adult part of its site, which was a great and very popular place to be exposed. Seeing as that will no longer be available this will be a place for everyone to comment their favourite sites to be exposed on. Those who want to be exposed all around the internet will be able to check out this page and find lists of sites to share their pictures on.

You are welcome to put any sites in the comments BESIDES temporary expose sites. Any site that is not permanent exposure will be removed, and who ever posted it will be banned.

Also make sure the sites you are posting allow adult content!

Personally I have had great success with the sub forums on reddit, there is a bunch to do with faggots and sissies!

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2 years ago
2 years ago

I am on allot of good exposing sites that I recommend http://xhamster.com/ http://xtube.com/ http://xvideos.com/ http://pornhub.com/ http://imagefap.com/ many more. You can find me under FatAssSmallDick

2 years ago

NibbleBit is a completely FREE unlimited blog host. We are also ADULT and GAY Friendly.
if you want, you will listed in google very fast.

mark kessler
2 years ago

I have found, they are having growing pains, but it gets better everyday.


2 years ago

sissydoris.bdsmlr.com 🙂
i added last night another posts on tumblr and wasn’t flagged…

Cock Fag Jack
2 years ago

I will be happy to share selected exposures on my page. Since Tumblr is done, I began it a week ago and already have 8,377 views. Averaging 1,050 unique hits per day so far. My blog is very pro-faggot and exposure oriented. Every post also has an exposedfaggots link attached to it. The site overall, is a general free speech site. It is not Tumbler, but so far it is not too bad. Overall the site in general is lacking gay/porn content. But I imagine it will grow without Tumblr around. Check it out and if you want to be… Read more »

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