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Other than becoming a sissy wife another of my strong fantasies is to be a whore, to let men fuck me and use my body for money. Message if you can help make this a reality
Im a 23 year old male for almost all my life I’ve felt depressed and disconnected. Until I opened up completly to a dommi she encouraged me to pursue my fantasys. And I did.I discovers that were I 100% and truly felt fulfilled and happy was being feminine submissive and Complient For men who seem like they’d want to have me As there Girl
I will use it to purchase hormones and waxing kits also I will send personally updates if wanted and would be happy to do whatever you’d like of me sexual or otherwise
I’m Think I’m seriously gay I’ve been satisfied more than I have ever been giving myself to a masculine Dom I felt feminine and more myself than I have ever felt before…. Does anyone havepadvice for becoming full shemale body

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3 years ago

Sexy faggot lowlife

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