Hi, I’m Dahlia (@dahliabloomsexposure), a 24-year-old sissy trans girl from Ogden, Utah.  

Where should I start? Im 5’6″, 145 lbs, athletic (but wasn’t always). I have a 7.5″ cock about 5 inches thick. Im obsessed with ALPHA men and women and I have an absolutely insatiable thirst and hunger for BBC. I love imagining myself with a tiny dick as a fantasy or “goal”, I know it seems silly to want a smaller dick when you are presumably blessed but the thought of having a 4 inch penis or smaller makes me soooooo horny!! 

I have always been a curious girl. I started dressing as early as I can remember. Although I masqueraded as a boy in public, I had a secret feminine girly side that was dying to manifest itself. It wasn’t until I was 14, going through puberty and being horny as fuck, that I started stealing my mom’s lingerie and toys. When I tried on the clothes, I saw how sexy I looked and realized how much I loved wearing them. 

I met up with my first guy when I was 15 on a site called outpersonals.com which was associated with AdultFriendFinder but catered to gay men. He was like 34 but I didn’t care and I didn’t really dress for him. We just had gay sex and he popped my anal cherry. After that, I had an on-going fuck-relationship with this other guy when I was 16. He was like 40-something (I didn’t ask). He didn’t pay me for sex necessarily but whenever I wanted money, I’d just ask and he’d give it to me haha. 

Then there was my Master, Frank. I was 17 and into the BDSM/Sissy fetish. This was in 2011-12 so there really wasn’t as much sissy propaganda out there as there is now. It was still fairly archaic and being a “sissy” was more associated with the sissy maid thing, the frilly pink maid dresses with the bowties, a costume. At that time, a sissy was simply a degraded and humiliated older, (usually non-fem) man who was made to be a servant/slave. But thanks to Master Frank, I got to express my feminine side and indoctrinate myself into being a fem bondage domination doll. Master Frank was his 50’s and had a sex slave/partner who lived with him. To everyone else, they seemed to be a normal couple who lived normal lives. But in private and behind closed doors, they were DOM and sub to the extreme. When I came along, I was that young “18” that rocked his world. I did things that he once only dreamed of before meeting me. He never got over me. 

After that, I’ve probably been with probably ten different guys, all of which had average or smaller dicks than me, even the black guys. None of them had a dick bigger than mine, honestly. I’ve always bottomed and will always be a bottom. I’ve gone back and forth between the trans/gender dysphoria thing; since it’s a really complicated thing, I always end up going back to this porn to help express and satiate this side of myself. 

I could keep going on but that is a brief summary.

I hope being exposed on your blog will help advertise me to more doms and big-dick masters near me. I crave to be trained and put to good use. So please share me all over the internet. 

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1 year ago

Your a sexy bitch and look best serving black dick

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