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Hello Everyone,

I’m seeking help to have my sissy pics and posts here show up on google when you search for just my name “John DeFonce” and not “John DeFonce Sissy” or “John DeFonce Faggot”. Pleass help, I am begging to be exposed and outed for good worldwide! Please make me a sorry sissy faggot! I (John DeFonce) would like to end up a sissy slut, sucking cock and taking big dick up my ass for the rest of my life. Please make my dreams come true.

John DeFonce

[email protected]

Poughkeepsie, New York

Cell: (305) 978-9944

Snapchat: Saiyanpride845

Instagram: 30roundsoffreedom


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  1. Admin MasterAshton 7 months ago

    One does not simply get whatever word they choose to show up on the first page of google. You have to realise company spend hundreds of thousands dollars to get their product name to show up when certain keywords are typed in. Goolge uses algorithms to show the best content at the top. What is the best content? According to google authority sites will always show up first. These are sites which have the most links back to them from other authority sites. So as you can probably tell, the more sites that share your post (linking back to this site) the better chance you have of getting the first page of google. I am not a wizard I cannot snap my fingers and have you appear on google, but this site can sure help you achieve that sometimes impossible goal. If you google exposed faggot John DeFonce you will show up, but without the exposed part there is just too much competition from much more main stream sites with that keyword. So you have little hope of getting on the 1st page.

  2. you should try searching on BING it works better for me

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