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2 days ago

I am toilet sissy faggot

unnamed (10).jpg
Dennis Michigan Faggot

Spin #4) Add picture to fagpictures gallery

I will have to complete that tomorrow!

Dennis Michigan Faggot

Spin #3) Take a picture in pink panties and a skirt and share it in the comments and chat

Dennis Michigan Faggot

Spin #2) Wear a skirt with no panties and share the picture everywhere

Dennis Michigan Faggot

Spin #1: Add picture to fagpictures gallery

Dennis Michigan Faggot

I got spin the wheel 4 more times

cacivaldo casivaldo
12 days ago

sissy deve usar uma roupa de vadia e ir a um cinema ou uma livraria adulta e chupar o pau mais galo no buraco da glória

Udo Gronewold
15 days ago

Wear womens clothes in public take pictures and video and post it in chat and on twitter

23 days ago

exposed me

Banded fag
Banded fag
23 days ago

I was certain I would find myself in a hunch of vids and pics being caught and exposed

Peter Smith
23 days ago

creating another new exposure as told.

Larry Boor
24 days ago

I did what the fag wheel said because I am a sissy faggot

Portia in pink panties and skirt.jpg
Last edited 24 days ago by Larry Boor
sissy Sophie
26 days ago

Thank you so much Master for updating the wheel, you’re the best exposer the internet has ever seen. I love you so much and dedicate my pathetic sissy fag life to you

Gerhard Schüssler
26 days ago
Proposal for FAGwheel

Show yourself naked - in women's clothes - in public places having sex and make it public.
sissy Sophie
28 days ago

Master ,

the wheel is close to 2 years old , there is less fun in submit to it , it could be fun if you create new response with more consequence . afther all us fag need a little push to get more in the rabbit hole .xxxx

29 days ago

Doing what I do

Thomas Johnson
29 days ago


Gay porn norway.jpg
Gerhard Schüssler
1 month ago

Thank you Master Ashton for Exposing and Outing me.

Sean Heidel
1 month ago

Was told to upload nude pic

Sean Heidel
1 month ago

I’m such a faggot I do take any cock I can take looking to suck a cock by an old guy and let him fuck me. I’ve sucked six cocks and always looking for another.

1 month ago

suck, get sucked, fuck get fucked..anything for me

Me tonight 2.jpg
Josh M
1 month ago

It told me to add my picture to the fagpictures gallery so I uploaded a collage picture with me feminized on the left pics and masculine/naked on the right pic because i love the humiliation

Austin WMAF
1 month ago

I’m straight but I can’t stop fapping to this site.
Maybe I’m a faggot too!

1 month ago

I’m Steve Wood, total bottom Fag!

Alex Holmes
1 month ago

I am a total fag, I love sucking cock. Nothing better than being on my knees sucking cock then bent over and fucked by a real man.

steven rea
1 month ago

I will suck cock for money , and get fucked by everyone who want to use me . Please contact me at +1512935917

slam bottom
1 month ago

i am such a cock addicted faggot slut i would suck cocks and get fucked for money for mz master to keep all income and i get nothing

Joe DeLong
1 month ago

I need someone to feed me his cum daily ‘
I am am an avid cocksucker and love to swallow all.
I live in Middletown, NY

Brett Loftice
1 month ago

I was told to tell everyone how much of a faggot I am…..
I’m such a huge faggot that once I eat cum from another sissy girl’s asshole while getting fucked by a gorgeous cock.

1 month ago

I was told to post a nude photo, thank you Master Ashton

fucktyyyyyyy - Copy.png
Savanna (Steve) Beckett

Thank you Master Ashton Sir for this wonderful place for us worthless faggots to come, explore our desire to be known as the sissies we are. Here we can out ourselves in ways that are costly to remove!

Savanna (Steve) Beckett Guess what i had to post? Follow the link and find out. Let me know what you think and if you share it!

Savanna (Steve) Beckett

The Fag Wheel instructed me to post how much of a fag I am. I am a life long panty wearing sissy who lost my faggot cherry 42 years ago. I am such a fag, when in the presence of real men I simply let myself go full on nasty fag who can only tell a man know to get whipped, knowing all the while I will do what he asks!

Jeffrey Palmer
1 month ago

i was told to send a pic to ratemytinydick just waiting to be approved

Jeffrey Palmer
1 month ago

Im a fag

Sissy Zach
1 month ago

It told me im a fag

1 month ago

Thank you MasterAshton for providing all us sissy fags this great site

1 month ago

The wheel told me to tell how much of a fag i am, I am a stupid whore, a cocksucking patathic sissy, love to bend over for any cock. I AM A TOTAL FAG

Lynnette Mcjordan
1 month ago

I am a natural born sissy

Carl Strydom
1 month ago

Nothing better than having superior males use you for the only purpose you have in life

Screenshot_20220516-183337_Samsung Internet.jpg
Kyle Thompson
1 month ago

Being the best faggot i can be!

Mike Fletcher
1 month ago

I’m a huge slut Fag

Cum Slut
1 month ago

Thank you Master Ashton for giving me a platform to finally fully expose my useless Faggot pussy.

Cum Slut
1 month ago


Loser faggot
1 month ago

I’m à big stupid loser,


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