is not a “revenge porn” or hate site, but rather a fetish/role-play site. All posts (exposures) on feature willing participants. Some faggots have the urge/fetish to expose themselves, and having people humiliate them makes them cum uncontrollably. This site caters for the more extreme faggots who get off knowing once they upload their pictures they must pay to get them removed. If paying to remove your pictures does not get your dick hard, you are on the wrong site. This is a very niche concept, and will not be for most people.

The only way to get featured (exposed) on this site is to become a member and creating a post (exposure) yourself, or by purchasing an exposure package. Exposedfaggots does not allow people to create exposures of other people.

If being humiliated, and exposed is something that turns you on, but you are not into the paying to remove your images concept, check out our other site The site is very similar, and allows users to remove their content for free.

Has someone has posted your pictures on exposedfaggots without your permission? Use the DMCA link at the bottom of the site to submit a complaint. Most DMCA complaints are dealt with in 24 hours, and all information is %100 confidential.

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