Little Cock Dumbass Faggot

Talking of pathetic queers, you need to see this faggot:

  • Old
  • Fat
  • Tiny microscopic dick
  • Likes cross dressing.

He claims he had a “girlfriend”. She must have been blind or stupid.

No wonder he hardly touched her, being a sissy with a tiny dick.

He knows his anal opening circumference which is 4′ (actually bigger than his erect dick)

If he has that piece of information, imagine what he’s been doing with that.

How low can you go?

Name: Robert Sherry







IMG_20160501_184227 IMG_20160501_161704 IMG_20160501_142731 image(9) image(5) image(3) Cde2Wx9UkAA5Zjr

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  1. brit May 12, 2016
    • Courtney September 9, 2016
  2. brit May 13, 2016

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