Matt Thompson has been outed and exposed for over a year now.  All his friends, family, coworkers have the links to his exposure sites, so he’s an exposed faggot.  His wife threw him out after discovering what a faggot he is and now spends every night fucking her new boyfriend, a guy half Matt’s age, so he’s also a cucked faggot.

Matt has since had to have his balls removed and replaced with fake implants.  He can’t get hard or cum.  He only gets a little sensation in his dick when he shits, which is quickly turning him into a shit-eating scat faggot.

Matt also gets regular texts from his wife’s boyfriend when the boyfriend is fucking his wife and they laugh their assess off at what a loser Matt’s become.  Matt is now nothing more than a cum dumpster and toilet for alpha cocks, and everyone knows it.  He is the end of the line for all you faggots craving exposure.

Matt’s Exposure Sites:

XHAMSTER (him exposed to the world for the faggot he is)

MOTHERLESS (him being a shit pig toilet)

Matt’s contact info:

Matt Thompson, Eureka, CA.  Phone: 714-366-4527 kik: xmeatxpuppetx email:

Newest pics (including shit-eating and text’s from his wife’s boyfriend!):

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