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Fag Sissy



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About me

I consider myself to be internet owned Web SLUT

there’s no point denying I’m a cocksucker as there is evidence  on the Internet

like everybody probably started out I used to get turned on viewing others being exposed and wondering how they feel and what it would feel like to do the same it became a fantasy which now I realise once you start there really is no going back my fantasy is now reality with no escape I have absolutely no idea now what web sites who’s got pictures and where they have ended up I have become an exposed web slut and it’s too late to try and do anything about it for the rest of my life and beyond there’s humiliating and degrading pictures out there

I have ask and begged people to turn my fantasy into reality to make it impossible to delete pictures ask them to make comments given up all rights to pictures

so now I except if anybody wishes to copy and spread and make comments I’m getting exactly as I deserved

so if anybody wants to continue exposing pictures of me or making comments carry on and enjoy yourself as now I have no rights as I am Internet opened