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Dominant Alpha




East Hartford


22 – 27

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I’m looking for a couple of gay fag submissive boy,cd’s,sissies.One between 18 and 65.If your Bi that just means to me you just can’t commit to either sex so i’ll just be looking for gay faggots/sissies. When you look at yourself in the mirror each and every morning do you see a faggot,sissy boi or pig looking right back at you? We all know you do so stop fighting it and be who you really are. In the long run you’ll feel so much better about yourself knowing you can now be yourself. No more hiding it. That heavy weight is lifted off your shoulders. It just feels so right. Now you need a man in your life to continue bringing that feeling out in the open. You need a man to use you,discipline you and give you purpose in your life. No safe sex at all. It’s all bareback.. Now for the catch. If you’re interested in being with me you must be under 5’10 and not over 175. It’s one hell of a pet peeve of mine and that’s written in stone..I may pass on the height but only if you bring something very special to the table. Theirs nothing better than having a naked horny fag/sissy boy, son or pig around the house that’s so eager to please and wants to learn my needs. I already know yours. I love smooth boys,Big turn on for me. So complete body shaving will happen.I know a true faggot is so eager to learn to please. Come on girls,Don’t be shy.

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[email protected]