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My name is Clay Broomfield, I live in Seattle Washington, my dob is 3/14/63. I started sucking cock in my teens when my scoutmaster made me suck his. Ever since I have been trying you tell myself I'm not a faggot but then I would have women and beg them to fuck other men just so I could be close to cock. I'm tired of hiding and I'm ready to just be gay and a cocksucking faggot. I love sucking,  anal,  bareback,  dildos,  dressing and panties,  and I'm looking to expand my horizons .  I love black and white cock .  I am looking for real-time meetings in Seattle ,  I love to have pictures taken of me and videos which could be posted anywhere  on any site . It is a relief to finally tell myself the truth, I will be loading as many pictures as I can I have hundreds and also love to find my pictures reposted and reblogged. I crave extreme exposure and know that I take the chance of family and friends seeing me. I appreciate the admin allowing me to have my profile on this site. I appreciate the members downloading reblogging or posting my pictures if they like. I will be posting my exposure agreement proudly and appreciate having the template so that I could make my agreement. Thank you and will see you guys on the site.

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