Steve Beckett

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Fag Sissy


Decatur, Indiana



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  • I had my first faggot encounter when I was 14. Unlike my other friends who were having sex with girls, I was submissive to the boy next door.At that age, until I was out on my own, I was a panty thief. Now, I buy my own.
    As to fetishes, I've always been a bottom and am open to just about anything.
    I've been fucked on the side of the road, in adult bookstores.
    I love a hot golden shower and I will take a hot drink straight from the pipe.
    I have been fighting against these desires for so long and I am so tired, I surrender. I have lost the battle and the war. I am flying my white panties up in total surrender to my homosexuality.

****Please note my email address below is also monitored by my wife, so please out me. She has been known to reply, so email her back, flirt with her, show her what a real man looks like then send her here, show her what kind of a faggot she is married to.****

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