Jeri Lee

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Fag Sissy


Hampshire GB


36 – 50

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About me

I love the idea of someone exposing me as a sissy little fag by adding my flickr pics anywhere with filthy comments added. messaging me filthy suggestions and not able to stop them. xxx

a little about me…

i am married but secretly a sissy. I just love the thought of being an owned little bimbo fuckdoll, and my only purpose being to serve anyones sexual desires. made to be totally submissive and transformed with big bimbo tits, very long nails and hair and only allowed to wear slutty lingerie.

i need a real man to use me as his whore, i crave and want to worship a huge cock.

i was very young the first time i dressed in my mums bra, knickers and tights, and i did it as often as i could and loved the feelings.  Recently got back into dressing again and love being as feminine as possible. and i just love the thought of older men wanking over me

Jeri xx