• Niko Maki posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    @studski Share your rape details and how it turned you into such a faggot

    • My dad’s best friend offered to teach me to drive. Being only 14 this excited me. He took me to all the places he went cruising for dick. Then when he found a private spot he raped me. I fought it but I was no match. I learned I was weak, inferior and worth nothing in one short hour. My childhood happiness was gone. So I did what was appropriate and let my life accordingly. I started using drugs, drinking and smoking in combination with random sex for anyone who wanted to use me. I learned fast to never say no to anything that was asked of me.
      • I was 16 and already completely obsessed with wanting to serve an alpha male and live my life completely collard as a rubber beta faggot piss Pig so I started going out to The Bike Stop in Philadelphia which is a hardcore gay leather bar being 16 I had no friends on the gay scene I had no idea how to act or show respect and what made everything harder was the sneaking around behind my girlfriend’s back telling my friends I couldn’t hang out because of a job or telling my parents I was out with my friends when really I had a man put his hands around my cock for the first time and I was completely dripping like a bitch and he told me “if I ever build up the guts show my face here then I should come dressed appropriately so there’s no confusion and it will make it clear that every other mail-in hear what you are” and he told me get rid of all that hair I like faggets nice and bald and you should get a nice big rings through your nose. His hands still gripping my balls I said to him how do I explain the piercing in my Sudden extreme change and hairstyle he looked me dead in the eyes and said does it look like I give a fuck what any of those people think it’s clear what you are you need to accept it. One more thing make sure all of your clothing for now on either allows your cock to hang out. So if I see you walk in that bar that will tell me all I need to know. And I will groom you turn you into the biggest faggot piss pig around and that will be your reputation trust me I know it total faget when I see one and you don’t have a dominant bone in your body now get the fuck out of my truck and the choice is yours. When I got into my house I went straight up to my room my heart was beating and my knees were still shaking. The very next night I went back and I smoked Crystal for the first time that moment I knew I wanted to be the biggest beta faget piss pig serving any male

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