Candi Gonzalez ( Brandon Xavier Gonzalez )

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Fag Sissy


1215 W Empire St Apt#8 Freeport lllinois 61032 Text 815-990-7169




28 – 35

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First and foremost I am a Faggot and proud of it. I first realized I was faggot when I would wear My panties and suck cock after 2 divorces I realized I was a failure as a man. So I started to dress and become the sissy faggot I was meant to be. I like being humuliated, laughed at, called names, controlled, exposed beyond control, fucked, gang banged, pimped out and having my pictures spread across the internet with my name and info. I hope to someday be kidnapped by a pimp master force feminized 24/7 drugged and forced to live my life as a sissy prostitute. You can also  reach me at any if the following:

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[email protected] [email protected]