I'm becoming an addict to being exposed as the pathetic cum guzzling faggot that I am. As you can clearly see, I love chocking and gagging on a REAL Man's cock. Down deep to His glorious balls using my tongue at the same time to lick them while His cock slides down my throat. My comfort comes secondary to a Man's pleasure. If it's uncomfortable, then I know I'm doing it right. Making sure that the Man I'm servicing is happy and taken care of is my mission in life as a pathetic faggot. I cannot wait until I have more material to post after receiving a visit from my Master. The next time he comes for training cannot come soon enough.

This is my first self-exposeure. This is my destiny, to be exposed as the faggot that I am. I hope that this post will help raise my status with my Master so He knows that I am dedicated to being the best fag boy I can be. I am to remain locked for all of 2019 so that I can always be ready to focus on His wishes and his physical needs. This is the first step in being a permanent fag which is what I secretly always have dreamed of. This is my destiny and my only truly given right as a faggot.

Loving being locked up so I can never receive the same pleasure as a REAL MAN!

If your crying because you're gagging, then you're doing it right!

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