My name is Sissy Bambi Jones. 

I am a plus size closeted faggot that know it will be my destiny to be exposed and controlled.

I am a virgin because neither men nor women will

fuck me without being paid!

I am a total LOSER!!!

Turn me into a cash fag! 

Drain my accounts!


Use my phone #406-282-3711 to track me down!



Send me degrading texts!


I am such a LOSER!

E-mail Me and Tell me so!


Bambi’s Sissy Facebook


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  1. Anonymous 3 months ago

    such a feminine mouth

  2. doris_star 3 months ago

    you was…closet…after this post everybody gonna know how big cockucking sissy slut you really are:)

  3. FatAssSmallDick 3 months ago

    She lives near Calgary Canada so maybe pass her picture around see if anyone knows any more info haha

    • LLM 3 months ago

      Let’s hope so!

  4. sissy kelly 3 months ago

    got some nice dsl’s hope your ready to please dick daily

  5. Jared 3 months ago

    u owe me

    • LLM 3 months ago

      Tell Bambi he has to pay the $25k he owes you as a dowry!

  6. Anonymous 3 months ago

    Hahaha what a faggot: needs more exposure

  7. fagsamuel 3 months ago

    FUckn fag lol

  8. Anonymous 3 months ago

    The sissy fag should be post all around even to none fag site that have to deal with calgary. Post her to craigslist

  9. Anonymous 3 months ago

    what a fucked up faggot pig of piece shit

    • LLM 3 months ago

      Very true, so let’s get him/her outed!!!

  10. LLM 3 months ago

    fat piece of crap needs to be outed!

  11. Sissy Peggy 3 months ago

    You are outed now, you will be amazed how fast your pics on here will show up on google

    • LLM 3 months ago

      We still need to find out his real name!

  12. Anonymous 3 months ago

    what an ugly whore

  13. Anonymous 3 months ago

    I think I have seen you before in a coffee shop. Do you work as a manager of some sort at a document processing company?

    • LLM 3 months ago

      Do you have a name for us?

    • FatAssSmallDick 3 months ago

      If your near the coffee house, you should print some fliers and post them around maybe others would know who she is. Let people know of Sissy Bambi

  14. xD has anyone tested the number? I hope it’s real and I hope she gets recognized in her home town!

  15. Anonymous 2 months ago

    Hahaha I text this faggot . So pathetic

  16. LLM 1 month ago

    wow, the link to this post just got posted all over the internet! 🙂

  17. LLM 1 month ago

    OMFG!!! This post is now on a bunch of missing person sites!!! It is going totally viral!!! hahaha 🙂

  18. Author
    Sissy Bambi Jones 4 weeks ago

    omg this isnt even funny any more…this is getting bad…why is the number so high?

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